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Private Events

*Note: Minimum booking entails two-hours of DJ/MC coverage, each additional hour is billed at  $150/hr. 
Any upgrades selected will be billed at a flat rate on top of the total determined by hours of coverage.*

Two Hours (Minimum)

- One Sound System & One MC/DJ
Includes: 2 Active Loudspeakers, 1 Subwoofer, Facade w/ LED Light-bar, DJ Controller & Wireless Mic

Per/Hr Rate

$150 per Hour(s) of Sound Coverage; Minimum of 2 hours per booking

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Private Events
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Deluxe Sound (6,000W System)


*Recommended for 120-180 Guest Events*
Includes: 2x Dual 8" Line-Array Speakers and 2x 18" Subwoofers

Premium Sound  (12,000W System)


Recommended for 200+ Guest Events
Includes: 4x Dual 8" Line-Array Loudspeakers and 2x Dual 18" Subwoofer(s)

Premier Lighting


"Ground Package"
Includes: 2x 100W Spotlights on totems, 2x LED Wash-light, Lighting Controller & On-Site Tech

Deluxe Lighting


"Dance-floor Party-Lights"
Includes: 4x 100W Spotlights on totems, 4x LED Wash-lights, Lighting Controller & On-Site Tech

Premium Lighting


"Concert Level Lighting"
Includes: 4x 100W Spotlights hung from truss, 4x LED Light-bars, 2x CO2 Cannons, Lighting Controller & On-Site Tech

Private Events: List

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